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Heating oil prices fluctuate for several reasons. Demand for fuel oil is seasonal, at its highest October through March. Typically, fuel oil prices follow that of crude oil, which changes frequently based on the worldwide supply and demand. Both weather events in the US and political events in other nations could impact the supply and, therefore, the cost of heating oil.

At Beaudry Oil & Propane, we understand that it’s important for homeowners to budget for their winter heating costs. That’s why we offer a Budget Program for fuel oil customers. This free service allows customers to pay the same amount every month.

  • Once enrolled, customers receive the cash discount price.
  • The budgeted payment amount is your expected cost of fuel for a year, divided by 12 months. Expected cost is calculated using actual usage from previous years and projected fuel prices for the upcoming heating season.
  • If a customer does not have usage from previous years, we make an estimate.
  • Periodically during the year, we evaluate your payment and make any necessary adjustments due to usage and/or price changes.
  • The Budget Program year is from June through May. In May, we review your account to see if your current payments will cover the expected costs of fuel for the following year. We adjust payments as necessary, and any credits on accounts will be averaged into your payments for the upcoming year. If you owe a balance, you can either pay the balance off in full or average the balance into your payments for the upcoming year.
  • Once enrolled in the Budget Program, you automatically stay on the plan each year. Contact us if you need to discontinue the plan.
  • For your convenience, you may also sign up for Auto-Pay, which automatically deducts your payments from your checking or savings account.
  • Budget payments are due on the 12th of each month.
  • Budget payments only cover fuel purchases. Additional payment is necessary for any non-fuel items such as parts, emergency delivery charges, and service charges.
  • If two or more Budget payments are missed, your account will be removed from the Budget Program and regular billing procedures will go into effect. Any balance owed will be due in full, including any finance charges.
  • To enroll in the Budget Program, your account must have a zero balance. Sign and return the Budget Agreement Form to enroll.

Contact us to learn more or enroll and take the worry out of winter!

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