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Ken and Carrie Beaudry founded Beaudry Oil & Propane in 1981 with one truck and one employee. While much has changed in the years following that humble beginning, one thing has not: our commitment to quality and service. Because of our unwavering dedication to our employees, our residential and commercial customers, and our community, Beaudry Oil & Propane has become a leading Minnesota fuel company. Today, we employ over 80 team members and provide service to thousands of customers in the Twin Cities, Central Minnesota, and East Central Minnesota.

Beaudry Oil & Propane is proud of our history and where we have come from. We have strived over the years to meet the needs of our customers by adding services, products, and locations to bring added value and benefit to them. Learn more about the growth of our company in the timeline below.


1981 - 1988


Ken and Carrie Beaudry started Beaudry Oil Company by purchasing a business in Elk River, Minnesota, that consisted of a bulk fuel route, full service convenience store, small office, and a 4-bay car wash.  They started with one driver and two small bulk trucks with 1500-gallon tanks to provide home heating fuel oil, farm fuels, and commercial diesel to customers.


Started a wholesale fuel division by purchasing our first semi-truck and tanker to deliver commercial diesel in larger quantities to better provide for our commercial customers.


Created Beaudry Propane division to better serve our home and commercial heating customers with clean and efficient propane.


Built first lubricants warehouse and shop in Elk River and started a bulk lubricants division to deliver quality lubes to our commercial customers.


Built new fuel storage facility in Elk River.


1994 - 2008


Signed a contract with Texaco Lubricants to offer a quality product at a competitive price in bulk and packaged lubricants throughout the Twin Cities metro area and Central Minnesota.


Built Beaudry Oil Company corporate headquarters in Elk River, Minnesota, our current office location.


Became a direct distributor with Chevron Lubricants to expand our lubricant offerings of quality products and service.


Purchased Riverside Oil Company to better serve our customers and add bulk fuel storage in Monticello, Minnesota.


Became exclusive provider of the Eagle Gold Lubricants brand to bring additional high-quality lube products at a competitive price point.


Formulated a top-quality premium diesel sold as Kodiak Premium Diesel with high performance and cold weather properties.


2010 - 2019


Started Pro2Go Cylinder Exchange to enhance our services in the propane grill cylinder market.


Purchased Town and Country Propane to better service the Mora area with propane and add more bulk propane storage.


Purchased Eggens Direct Service to further expand our fuel services with Kodiak Premium Diesel in the Milaca and Mora areas and add more bulk fuels storage capacity.


Purchased DM Propane in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, continuing the tradition of a family-owned and operated propane distributor in the Detroit Lakes Area.


Purchased Northway Oil in Little Falls, Minnesota, increasing our service and product offerings to customers in the Little Falls area for both bulk fuels and propane storage.


Became the area’s exclusive distributor of Petro-Canada Lubricants, the #1 lubricant brand in Canada, offering our customers premium oil for extreme cold weather conditions. (Petro-Canada is now an American-owned company).

As we look to the future, we are continually looking for ways to be the best petroleum company in Minnesota by offering our customers expertise, partnership, quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent programs and services.

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here’s what our clients have to say...

  • We really appreciated your driver; He was very friendly and helpful to us.

    – Peter & Carmella, Corcoran
  • We are very happy with your driver. He spent lots of time helping us and finding our leak.

    – Owen, Paynesville
  • I am very happy with your service. I called in and you had a guy there in 45 minutes. Last week too. He was there within 2 hours. Thank you for the good service.

    – Tony, Buffalo
  • I highly recommended your services to the people that purchased my home.

    – Molly, Albertville
  • Thank you for your service. We are well pleased with your courtesy.

    – Lorraine & Andy P, Baxter
  • Please let the driver know that I appreciate very much him coming out to the house on a Friday night and getting us in working service. I’m sorry to not have watched the tank better- will try to keep a closer watch

    – Jan, Sauk Rapids
  • Your driver is worth his weight in gold, he takes really good care of us. We don’t have to check anything, he checks everything for us.

    – Jeff, Star Tribune
  • I just wanted to send a quick note and say how wonderful your driver was and what a great job he did. I give him an “A”. He was very nice and answered my questions.

    – Leah, Isanti
  • Dear Beaudrys, Thanks for all the good care with which you keep us warm through your wonderful LP Gas. Without you, we would surely be freezing. Your Friends, Rosemarie & Claus.

    – Rosemarie & Claus
  • Your driver had to wade through a lot of snow to get to our tank, I appreciate his effort. I also appreciate the honoring of the pre-buy pricing.

    – Doug & Dorothy, Milaca
  • My father-in-law’s driveway wasn’t plowed and we could see the driver had a hard time struggling with the hose and he filled it anyways. We were really impressed with your company that you would still fill in that situation. Keep up the good work!

    – Tom, Medina
  • Our driver came as scheduled and was willing to help any way he could. I couldn’t have asked for a more decent person. He was professional, neat and knowledgeable. I couldn’t believe how fast he had his job done. Again, thank you!

    – Ted, Garrison
  • Your driver that did the install etc, oh what a good young trooper you have in your employee staff. It’s so peaceful to know I won’t be running out of LP as I have the past years, thx so much.

    – Bev, Milaca
  • The driver we had was great. He was very friendly.

    – Andy, Nowthen
  • We are grateful that your driver took the time to check over everything before he left. He deserves a raise.

    – Milan, Becker
  • Your driver, Dean, was very helpful when he came to fill our tank over the weekend. He was very nice and came out within an hour after we called!

    – Ben & Michelle E., Buffalo
  • We loved your driver. He checked all my appliances and furnace and gave me peace of mind.

    – Brian, Foreston
  • I was very happy with your service.

    – Dick, Cushing
  • Your driver recently inspected all my propane stuff. He’s qualified, efficient and polite. We didn’t even have to ask him to remove his shoes on the carpet. You have a great employer, a winner!

    – Kraig & Mary, Corcoran
  • Your driver was very professional.

    – Greg, Elk River
  • Hi! Thank you, again, for the "hand-holding" and support on the phone this a.m. Very much Appreciated!

    – Don, Eagan
  • We were very pleased with Beaudry Propane especially our driver. He went above and beyond the call of duty for us and we want his employers to know that.

    – Marty, Rogers
  • Thank you for the effort your driver made to keep from ripping up our lower driveways. Very much appreciated.

    – Ron & Joan, Milaca
  • Your driver did a good job and worked hard, all with a smile. Did a good job even with temps in the 90’s.

    – Kenneth, Zimmerman
  • Your driver came and fixed my leak, he was very courteous, pleasant, nice guy. He went right to it and found it right away, and he knew what to do to fix it. Just wanted to thank you for the good service.

    – Howard, Elk River
  • I wanted to let you know how great of a job your driver did and how nice he was. I was very happy with the service he provided.

    – Jason, Foreston
  • Please pass on my appreciation to the Milaca staff for same day service! Only ½ hour, wonderful!

    – Minott, Milaca
  • Your driver was very pleasant and helpful. You have a good employee here!

    – Bob & Cheryl, Wahkon
  • Your service technician did a very good job and was helpful in every way.

    – Dave, Otsego
  • Thanks so much. And may I say, your staff have always been kind and professional. We appreciate that whenever we have a concern, we know it will be addressed promptly.

    – Dian B, St. Michael
  • Your driver is very good at what he is doing. You don’t get good service like Beaudry anymore.

    – Don, Zimmerman
  • I am calling to let you know how pleased I was with your driver and the service he provided me. Beaudry Oil is a great company and having drivers like him make the company even better! Great Job!!

    – Deanna & Ron, Brainerd
  • Your service tech was very professional and a good guy.

    – Marv, Elk River
  • Your driver was very pleasant to deal with and a hard worker. I am glad that I switched companies.

    – Jay, Aitkin
  • A single call to Beaudry Oil and we got a call back within an hour. We developed a nice relationship with them, they worked quickly and efficiently. We are definitely satisfied Beaudry Oil and Propane patrons, we hope it’s only a matter of time before your tanks are sprouting up everywhere.

    – Shauna, Princeton
  • Thanks for the prompt reply. It has been good working with Beaudry. I always was treated fairly. I will give the new owners your number.

    – Brian C.
  • You are very blessed to have such a great employee. Your driver represented your company well and was very informative to me and did a great job.

    – Dave, Bead Properties
  • Wanted to thank our driver for being honest and giving us back the $50 we overpaid on the ticket.

    – Pete, Isanti
  • Wanted to let you know what a great job your service guy did when installing my tank. He did a professional job and was very pleasant to work with. He was especially patient with my kids who were buzzing around, which could have frustrated or bothered other service people.

    – Jeff P., Fort Ripley, MN
  • Wanted to let you know that we got a tank and regulator set last week and we wanted to call about how please we were about our service from your driver. He was very knowledgeable and also honest.

    – Sandy, Greenfield
  • Thank you so much for delivering 2 days earlier than schedule and making sure we didn’t run out of propane! You guys rock!

    – Andy, Lakeville


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