Family-owned and operated Beaudry Oil & Propane offers premium backup generator diesel fuel delivery throughout the Twin Cities and across Minnesota. We serve a wide range of industries, including data centers, office buildings, malls, supermarkets, casinos, apartment complexes, schools, commercial and industrial, and more.

Don’t leave your business in the dark. Extreme weather conditions and peak shaving can interfere with your company’s operations, costing you time and money. If you rely on backup or standby power generation to avoid power interruptions, count on the reliable diesel fuel experts at Beaudry Oil & Propane for superior service. We provide 24/7 emergency delivery and refill service, initial diesel fuel tank testing, and PowerGen Diesel Protection that safeguards against common fuel quality issues.


Diesel fuel can lose stability over time, decreasing quality and performance. Other diesel fuel issues include condensation, microbial contamination, and plugged filters and fuel lines. Beaudry Oil & Propane offers a solution with our exclusive PowerGen Diesel Protection. Benefits include:

  • Fuel operability in extreme weather conditions.
  • Reduction or delay of thermal oxidation.
  • Stabilizer to ensure longer shelf life and stop fuel degradation.
  • Biocide to eliminate microbial growth.
  • Cold Flow Improvers, which perform equal to or better than Diesel #1.
  • De-icer to prevent fuel line water freeze-up and filter plugging.
  • WASA (wax anti-setting additives) to prevent wax crystals from dropping and plugging fuel filters.
  • The detergency necessary to achieve a “Clean Up” rating in the DW 10 Standard Injector Coking Test.

Experience peace of mind with the Beaudry Difference. We offer fuel monitoring systems, complete diesel fuel testing, including initial testing and Annual Tank Maintenance, complete equipment set-up, tank wagon metered ticketing, 24/7 emergency diesel fuel delivery service, and the highest level of customer service.

You won’t find a more dependable diesel fuel delivery company for your backup or standby power generation. Contact the diesel fuel experts at Beaudry Oil & Propane today. Call us at 763.441.2383 or 800.637.4117.