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Minnesota Fuels

Beaudry Oil can provide you with the high quality performance fuels you require with the experience and service you would expect. From large transports to smaller tank deliveries, we can help you with all your fuel needs.

  • Commercial Fuels: We supply the trucking industry, construction, power plants, standby generators, and have logistical capabilities to meet your needs.
  • Agricultural Fuels: We are a leading area supplier, meeting the agricultural needs in central Minnesota. We have been selling biodiesel since 2002.
  • Home Heating Fuels: Whether you heat your home with fuel oil or propane, we have the product that is right for you.
  • Aviation Fuels: We stock 100LL, handle Jet A, plus have the availability of JP8 jet fuel.
  • Racing Fuels: Available seasonally for stock cars and modified snowmobile engines.
    110 Octane, 112 Octane, and 114 Octane are our most popular blends.
  • DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid): Now available in several package sizes and bulk. Approved product for 2010 engine designs.

Tank Program

Beaudry Oil can assist in designing and installing storage supply and distribution systems for permanent installations or temporary supply needs. Beaudry Oil has portable tank units for on-the-job situations that can be moved from one job to the next. We also have the capability to monitor tank inventories through a wireless tracking system that allows customers to monitor their fuel tank inventory levels right from their office computer.

Tank Maintenance Program

Many fuel companies tell you what you need to do to fix your tank problems. At Beaudry Oil, we work with you to ensure your assets are functioning properly and are protected. Call us for details on this program.

Kodiak Diesel

Beaudry Oil is the exclusive provider of Kodiak Premium Diesel Fuels. Kodiak diesel is formulated to provide improved cloud points and CFPP with optimum chemistry for biodiesel blending. Kodiak diesel is also available in a Winter formula, and our Plus formula is the ultimate cold weather premium diesel.